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The Modern Science is based on the latest technical knowledge gained by the scientists all over the world. It is true that most of the research been made by the scientists abroad, but the Indian scientist too have given their most contribution to the medical science but due to shortage of financial assistance they were helpless to conduct the research. To avail the modern medical facilities, we have to purchase diagnostic Equipments from foreign countries. It is not only difficult but quite impossible to test the disease without the help of modern medical equipments. There is great demand of foreign medical equipment in India at present but there is great demand of foreign medical equipments in India at present but there is shortage of technicians, who can handle those foreign equipments. At present there are few institutions imparting technical training and number of technician is very small.

A large number of medical institutions Govt. / Semi Govt. are going to be established in India day to day E.C.G. Centre, Nursing Home, Medical Examination Lab, X-ray Clinic, Ultrasound Centre, Blood Bank etc.

But due to shortage trained technician untrained youth are employed on daily basis of handle these equipment machines gradually they are to be trained to handle those machines also there is those machines apparatus to discharge their duties.

But this way there is adverse effects of diseases also there is chance of death due to untrained person before having the operation of a body.

The report of different test has great importance for operation solution of this problem is at present in dark due to shortage of trained technicians PARDEEP KUMAR have face many problems in this field due to shortage of technical person. The made up their mind and established an organization is in the name M.D.P.I Org. All India level. This organization is registered according to its bye laws to establish Para Medical Technology Institution, Throughout India. Those students who get training through these training centers this organization will award certificate of training to them. These trained persons will be able to get employed 0in private hospitals or nursing homes.

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Unemployed one of the major problem of our country, Thanks to the push and spirity of adventure of young mend and women, they have been exploring the possibilities of employed abroad. Quite a large number of them have found job in other ands, especially the ‘Gulf Countries’.

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