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Unemployed one of the major problem of our country, Thanks to the push and spirity of adventure of young mend and women, they have been exploring the possibilities of employed abroad.

Quite a large number of them have found job in other ands, especially the ‘Gulf Countries’. Money earn by them is changing the face of rural idea. Modern houses with grapes and well laid up gardens are face replacing the humble cottages. In former day almost anyone could get a job in the Gold Countries but he situation is changing with the advance and technology specialization has become the order of the day.


To establish and run Para Medical Institution and Laboratories all over India.


To promote the Para Medical Technology system in India and aboard.


To enlist accord on experience basis to the deserving qualified technicians, technical student and those possessing adequate experience in Mararshi Dayanand Medical Institute System.


To provide adequate training for unemployed youths and to help them for setting up under self employment schemes.

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